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Animal Resources Development Department

Most of the poor people in rural areas of our State are dependent on mixed crop-livestock farming system for their livelihood. Animal Resources Development Department thus plays a major role in supplementing family income and generating gainful employment in the villages, particularly among the landless laborers, small and marginal farmers and especially women. The significance of the livestock sector in the economy of our State can be judged from the fact that it contributes 4.41% of the total SDP & 18.6% of the agricultural SDP. It is pertinent to mention here that employment opportunities in traditional agriculture sector are shrinking rapidly and there is virtually no scope for employment of rural unskilled youths in capital intensive industrial units. On the other hand, demands for milk, meat, egg & other livestock related products are growing exponentially due to population explosion, high GDP growth, growing urbanization and change in the food habits of the middle & upper strata of the society. Animal Husbandry and Dairy sectors therefore have the seminal potential to open up new vistas for large scale employment generation.