Appointment & Transfers

Sl. No. Name Date PDF
1 Appointment order of Cattle Licensing Authority and Authorised Cattle Licensing Officer 17-06-2022
2 Confirmation order of officer under WBAH&VS Cadre 15-06-2022
3 Transfer Order of officer belonging to WBAH&VS 25-05-2022
4 Transfer Order of officer belonging to WBAH&VS 13-05-2022
5 Corrigendum regarding service utiliasation of Shri Manoj Kumar Roy 31-03-2022
6 Transfer order of Dr. Arun Kumar Hui, AD(SA),CSAHF 18-02-2022
7 Appointment order of Dr. Prasanna Pal to the post of VO, BAHC,,Goalpokhar-I 02-02-2022
8 Service utilisation of Sri Manoj Kumar Ray, Executive Engineer 04-01-2022
9 Transferred order of officer belonging to WBAH&VS 03-01-2022
10 Transferred order of Dr. Sonali Jana,VO,ABAHC,Nanoor 13-12-2021
11 Acceptance of joining order of DAH&VS,WB 27-10-2021
12 Appointment order of DAH&VS,WB 08-10-2021
13 Transfer order of officer belonging to WBAH&VS 07-10-2021
14 Appointment of Dr. Yograj Tamang, Addl. Director, ARD as Vigilence Officer of the DARAH 27-07-2021
15 Transfer order of Dr. Debasish Nandy,BLDO, Sargardighi 22-07-2021
16 Corrigendum order in respect of order no. 64-AR&AH/3A-27/2015 dt18-01-2021 04-06-2021
17 Order in respect of handing over charges of CEO, PBGSBS 02-06-2021
18 Corrigendum order of this Dept. order No.89-AR&AH/3A-16/2019 dt.22.01.2021 19-04-2021
19 Confirmation order of Dr. Anjan Dandapat, BLDO, Raghunathpur-I,Purulia 06-04-2021
20 Corrigendum of order no.341-AR&AH/3A-28/2012(Pt-I) 26-03-2021
21 Transfer order of Dr. Subodh Pal, VO, SAHC, Dalkhola, UD 22-02-2021
22 Transfer order of the officers belonging of WBAH&VS-308-AR&AH 19-02-2021
23 Corrigendum of Notification No.67-AR&AH/3A-40/2016(Pt-II) dt. 18-01-2021 15-02-2021
24 Transfer order of officer borne under WBHAH&VS 12-02-2021
25 Transfer/Service utilisation order of officers belonging to WBAH&VS 12-02-2021
26 Corrigendum of order no.109-AR&AH dt.25.01.2021 12-02-2021
27 Confirmation order of Dr. Tushar Kanti Samanta, Dy. Director,ARD(Micro) 11-02-2021
28 Transfer order of officer belonging to WBAH&VS-176 05-02-2021
29 Corringendum of order No.139-AR&AH/3A-40/2016(Pt-V) dt.01.02.2021 05-02-2021
30 Transfer and Service utilisation order of officers borne under WBAH&VS 02-02-2021
31 Corrigendum of the order No.113-AR&AH/3A-30/2016 dated 27.01.2021 28-01-2021
32 Service Utilisation order at Milk Unions of the officers borne in WBAH&VS 27-01-2021
33 Order for assigning Additional Charge of Deputy Director to the officers belonging to WBAH&VS 25-01-2021
34 Transfer order of officer belonging to WBHAH&VS 25-01-2021
35 Confirmation order of Dr. Amar Kumar Paul,VO and Dr. Ajgar Ali, VO 22-01-2021
36 Transfer order of Dr. Prabir Kumar Pathak, Joint Director, ARD(Zone-II) 18-01-2021
37 Promontion order of Joint Director, ARD 18-01-2021
38 Promotion order of Sri Prabir Kumar Sarkar,HC to the post of Personal Assistant to DAH&VS,WB 21-12-2020
39 Release order of Dr. Nikhil Kumar Shit, Additional Director, ARD,Haringhata Farm 14-12-2020
40 Transfer order of Dr. Arati Hansda, VO, ABAHC, Raiganj 07-12-2020
41 Order for joining of Dr. Sudipta Bhat to the post of VO, ABAHC, Khayertola, Malda 07-12-2020
42 Service Utilisation of Dr. Nikhil Kumar Shit, Additional Director, ARD, HF, vide No.1119-AR&AH dt. 03-12-20 05-12-2020
43 Appointment order of Dr. Yograj Tamang, Additional Director,ARD(Admn) as CEO,PBGSBS 06-11-2020
44 Confirmation order of Dr. Shyamolima (Sahu) Mandal, VO,ABAHC,RajarhatDr. Surajit Datta,AD,ARD(Fodder), Dr. Bithi Roy, VO,ABAHC,Shyampur II,Dr.Tapas Kundu,VO, BAHC ,Garbeta I 16-10-2020
45 Corrigendum order of Transfer Order No.950-AR&AH dt. 29.09.2020 14-10-2020
46 Corrigendum order of Transfer order No.950 and 951-AR&AH dr. 29.09.2020 13-10-2020
47 Corrigendum order of Transfer order 950-AR&AH reg. Transfer of Dr. Piyush Barman,VO ABAHC, Palashbari 12-10-2020
48 Transfer order of Dr. Shiv Sankar Soren, VO, BAHC, Gosaba, South 24 Pgs 07-10-2020
49 Service Withdrawal of Dr. Debananda Basak 07-10-2020
50 Transfer order of Dr. Swarup Dutta, BLDO, Binpur-II, Jhargram 07-10-2020
51 Confirmation order of Dr. Mrinmoyee Tokdar, VO, ABAHC, Canning II, South 24 Pgs and Dr. Aparna Das, VO, ABAHC, Islampur, UD 30-09-2020
52 Transfer order of officer belongs to WBAH&VS 29-09-2020
53 Transfer order of officer belongs to WBAH&VS 29-09-2020
54 Transfer order of WBAH&VS 29-09-2020
55 Transfer order of officer belongs to WBAH&VS 29-09-2020
56 Posting order of Dr. Mrityunjoy Mondal, AD, ARD(VR&I),IAH&VB 22-09-2020
57 Corrigendum order of posting on appointment of Dr. Avijit Mondal as Deputy Director,Dakhin Dinajpur 21-09-2020
58 Confirmation order of Dr. Chandan MukherjeeAD, ARD(C&DD), Bankura and Dr.Pradip Kumar Mandal, VO, ABAHC, Choa, Murshidabad 21-09-2020
59 Corrigendum order of Transfer 15-09-2020
60 Corrigendum of Transfer order 04-09-2020
61 Confirmation order of Sri Basudev Ghosh, AD, ARD(SA) 03-09-2020
62 Confirmation order of Dr. Subrata Ghosh,AD, ARD(Micro) and Dr.Souvik Mondal,VO 19-08-2020
63 Transfer order of belonging to WBAH&VS 07-08-2020
64 Appointment order of Three Deputy Director, ARD&PO 06-08-2020
65 Transfer order Deputy Director, ARD&PO, South 24-Pgs and Murshidabad 06-08-2020
66 Appointment order of Dr. Bidyut Baran Roy, Director, AH&VS,WB In-charge 20-07-2020
67 Order in respect of Dr.Ratanti Sarkhel 20-07-2020
68 Corrigendum of Notification No.540-AR&AH/3A-49/2016 dt.17.03.2020 06-07-2020
69 Transfer Notification of Dr. Gopal Samanta, AD,ARD(Vety),HQ 03-07-2020
70 Corrigendum of Transfer order 506-AR&AH dt 13.03.2020 03-07-2020
71 Confirmation order Dr. Subhrangshu Sarkar 20-03-2020
72 Transfer order of officers belonging to WBAH&VS (AD) 17-03-2020
73 Transfer order of officer belonging to WBAH&VS 13-03-2020
74 Confirmation order of Dr. Debashis Saha,VO,Kaliyaganj, Dr. Dibyendu Bikash Karmakar, AD,UD, Dr. Supada Kumar Biswas, VO, Ahanda,Dr. Malay Kanti Adhikary, AD,DD,Dr. Amrita Ghosh, VO, Gobardanga 06-03-2020
75 Transfer order of Dr. Chayan Bhattacharya, AD, ARD(Vety.),H.Q. 02-03-2020
76 Promotion order of Shri Subhasish Ganguly, Computer to the post of Senior Technical Assistant,HQ 27-02-2020
77 Confirmation order of Dr.Swapan Sheet, AD, Howrah 20-02-2020
78 Confirmation order of Dr.Sulata Mondal, VO,Jhargram,Dr. Suman Biswas, AD,DCF, Domkal,Dr. Parameswari Mandal, VO, Nanoor,Dr. Bidhan Chandra Saha, VO, SAHC, Mal,Dr. Nayan Kumar Batul, VO, Khejuri-I 20-02-2020
79 Confirmation order of Dr. Sanjay Mandal, VO,Dr. Suparna Das,VO,Dr. Nirmalya Bar,VO, Dr. Sukanta Basak,VO, Dr. Debasis Kr. Dandapat, AD 27-01-2020
80 Appointment order of Veterinary Officer 22-01-2020
81 Appointment order of Dr. Kamal Adak, VO,BAHC, Muraroi 15-01-2020
82 Confirmation order of Dr. Anupam Talukdar,Dr. Chandi Charan Panja, Dr.Sayanti Das, Dr. Ritwik Hazra, Dr. Snehasish Banerjee 14-01-2020
83 Confirmation order of 7 officers 26-12-2019
84 Order for joining of Dr. Saurav Naskar, VO ABAHC, Kandi 20-12-2019
85 Appointment order of Dr. Dipak Kumar Banerjee to the post of VO, ABAHC, Itahar,UD 17-12-2019
86 Appointment order of Advisor &Ex-officio Principal Director 10-12-2019
87 Order of Dr. Malay Maity, AD,ARD(DI) for in-charge of JT. Director, IAH&VB and Deputy Director, ARD(Micro),IAH&VB and Dr. Pankaj Mondal, AD,ARD(Vety.) in - Charge of Deputy Director, ARD&PO, Uttar Din 05-12-2019
88 Confirmation order of Dr. Surya Sankar Jana,V.O.,ABAHC,Rasulpur,Bankura, Dr. Amitendu De,AD,ARD(VR&I),Islampur,Uttar Dinajpur, Dr. Diganta Pan, V.O. ABAHC,Kardaha,Dakshin Dinajpur, Dr. Deepa Chakravor 25-11-2019
89 Verification Roll Form 06-11-2019
90 Confirmation order of Dr. Sritanu Maiti, Dy. Director ARD&PO, South 24 Pgs and Dr. Kushal Pal, Dy Director, ARD&PO, Jhargram 24-10-2019
91 Transfer of officer belonging to WBJAHS 18-10-2019
92 Transfer/Placement of Service of officers belonging to WBAH&VS 18-10-2019
93 Appointment order of Dr. Ranajit Kundu, VO ABAHC, Garbeta, Paschim Medinipur 04-10-2019
94 Confirmation order of Dr. Sukanta Roy, AD(SA),Uttar Dinajpur, Dr. Subhrangshu Sarkar, BLDO, Namkhana, Dr. Amar Krishna Das, AD(M),Bankura, Dr. Tuhin Baran Adhikary, AD(Vety) South 24 Pgs. 01-10-2019
95 Order for joining of Dr. Arpita Bera to the post of VO,ABAHC,Sarenga 30-09-2019
96 Confirmation order Dr. Yograj Tamang, Additional Director, ARD(HQ) 25-09-2019
97 Order of DD,ARD, GTA 05-09-2019
98 Appointment order to the post of Veterinary Officer 03-09-2019
99 Rejection of Extension of joining time to the post of Veterinary Officer 03-09-2019
100 Transfer order Sri Partha Sarathi Das, DDARD, GTA 30-08-2019
101 Confirmation order of Dr. Utpal Kumar Karmakar,AD,ARD,Haaringhata Farm 29-08-2019
102 Appointment order of Dr. Mehebub Alam Mondal, VO, ABAHC, Khoirasole 08-08-2019
103 Appointment order of Dr. Animesh Sikder & Dr. Prabir Kumar Pathak to the post of Joint Director 06-08-2019
104 Appointment order of Dr. Rinzee Tamang, VO 22-07-2019
105 Joining order of two Veterinary Officer 26-06-2019
106 Promotion order of Dr. Nikhil Kumar Shit to the post of Additional Director, ARD, Haringhata Farm 18-06-2019
107 Appointment order of STA,HQ 17-06-2019
108 Appointment order to the post of Veterinary Officer in WBAH&VS 11-06-2019
109 Appointment order of Veterinary Officer in WBAH&VS 14-03-2019
110 Corrigendum in respect of posting of Md. Aziz Shaikh 22-02-2019
111 Corrigendum 15-02-2019
112 Transfer order of Dr. Swapan Sheet, AD, ARD(Admin), Howrah and Dr. Nirparaj Pradhan, VO, ABAHC,Hirbandh, Bankura 07-02-2019
113 Transfer order of Dr. Sjal Kumar Bhunia, Deputy Director, ARD&PO, Malda 07-02-2019
114 Request to collect appointment letter as per Notification no.272-AR&AH?3A-36/2015 dt.31.01.2019 05-02-2019
115 Appointment order of Veterinary Officer in West Bengal Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services 04-02-2019
116 PVR in the post of Senior Technical Assistant under Directorate of AR&AH 08-01-2019
117 Transfer order of Sri Apurba Pal, ASL 14-12-2018
118 Confirmation order of Dr. Sudip Kumar Das,VO 06-12-2018
119 Promotion order of Sri Bratindra Nath Banerjee, STA to the post of Statitical Officer 12-11-2018
120 Verification Roll forms 26-09-2018
121 Submission of PVR by the candidates recommended by PSC for the post of VO 26-09-2018
122 Transfer Order of Sri Amlan Roy, ASL 20-08-2018
123 Corrigendum of Notification No.1435-AR&AH dt.25.07.2018 30-07-2018
124 Notification No.1445-AR&AH dt.25.07.2018 30-07-2018
125 Transfer order of WBAH&VS No.1435 dt.25.07.2018 30-07-2018
126 Partial Modification of Transfer Order No.1284-AR&AH 30-07-2018
127 Transfer order of WBAH&VS 30-07-2018
128 Transfer order of Dr. Shib Sankar Soren,BLDO, Binpur-II 27-06-2018
129 Engagement of Nodal Officer for 20th Livestock Census in West Bengal 05-06-2018
130 Confirmation order in WBHAH&VS of Dr. T. K.Sadhukhan 04-06-2018
131 Release order of Dr. Sibaji Patra, VO,DVH, Howrah 06-04-2018
132 Appointment order to the post of Assistant Purchase Officer, Haringhata Farm 27-03-2018
133 Appointment order on promotion of WBHAHS 19-02-2018
134 Transfer order of WBHAHS 19-02-2018
135 Appointment order of Director of AH&VS 09-02-2018
136 Extension of Service of Dr. Subhankar Bhattacharyya 02-02-2018
137 Confirmation order of Dr. Dipankar Halder, VO, ABAHC, Bongaon 18-01-2018
138 Appointment order of Dr. Achintya Mahanti, Ex-VO, BAHC, Jamboni 17-01-2018
139 Promotion order of Dr. U B Gangopadhyay to the post of Additional Director, ARD Haringhata Farm 15-12-2017
140 Promotion order of APO,SO and ASO 07-12-2017
141 Confirmation order of Dr. Puspendu Panja,AD,ARD(Vety.) 20-09-2017
142 Transfer Order of Sri Ganesh Guha, AD, ARD(Pub),HQ 21-08-2017
143 Transfer Order of Officer belonging to WBHAH&VS under Directorate of AR&AH 11-08-2017
144 Dr. Y.ograj Tamang, will hold the charge of Additional Director, ARD, Haringhata 03-08-2017
145 Corrigendum order of Transfer Of Agriculture Engineer 27-07-2017
146 Appointment order of Dr. Soumya Bose, Veterinary Officer, BAHC, Labpur 18-07-2017
147 Transfer Order of Agricultural Engineers 17-07-2017
148 Corrigendum in respect of Transfer order of Dr. Ujjwal Dutta, ADARD(Micro),IAHVB, Kolkata 07-06-2017
149 Appointment order of Dr.(Smt.) Sumana Kundu 25-04-2017
150 Transfer Order of Four officer belonging to WBAH&VS 24-04-2017
151 Corrigendum order of Sri Ashok Kumar Saha,AD, ARD 24-04-2017
152 Notification of State Public Information Officer of ARD 20-04-2017
154 Transfer Order of 14 officer belonging to WBAH&VS 27-03-2017
155 Modified Transfer Order of five(5) officer belonging to WBJAHS 20-03-2017
156 Transfer Order of Dr. Somraj Chattaraj, VO 13-02-2017
157 Order for taken over the charge of Joint Director, IAH&VB 03-01-2017
158 Memorandum for joining to the post of Dy. Director, ARD, Dakshin Dinajpur 15-12-2016
159 Appointment order of Veterinary Officer in WBAH&VS Cadre 24-11-2016
160 Corrigendum Order for Transfer of the officers belonging to WBAH&VS 24-11-2016
161 Transfer order of two officers borne in WBAH&VS 24-11-2016
162 Confirmation order of Dr. Jayanta Chowdhury, AD ARD, SPF, Tollygunge 22-11-2016
163 Transfer Order of the Officers borne in West Bengal Higher Animal Husbandry & Services(DY. Director) 28-10-2016
164 Appointment order of Dy. Director,ARD 28-10-2016
165 Transfer Order of ASL 28-09-2016
166 Transfer Order of officers bourne in WBAH&VS 30-08-2016
167 Transfer order of Dr. Uttam Kumar De, AD,ARD(Admn)South 24 Pgs. 22-08-2016
168 Transfer Order of the officers borne in West Bengal Higher Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services 17-08-2016
169 Order for cancel the appointment to the post of Veterinary Officer of three candidates 03-08-2016
170 Permission in favour of Dr. Pawan Ojha 03-08-2016
171 Corrigendum of Gradation List of STA 25-07-2016
172 Order in respect of Dr. Chayan Bhattacharya 11-07-2016
173 Place of posting of Assistant Director,ARD on promotion 05-07-2016
174 Final Gradation List of Assistant Director 28-06-2016
175 Confirmation Order of Dr. T. S. Pan and Dr. A. Sikder 22-06-2016
176 Corrigendum in respect of Reversion of Dr. Mintu Chowdhury 21-06-2016
177 Transfer Order of Dr. Tapas Kumar Dhara, BLDO and Dr. Tanmoy Das,VO 14-06-2016
178 Transfer Order of Dr. Mintu Chowdhury, Dy. Director,ARD 07-06-2016
179 Appointment on promotion Order of 45 officers in WBJAH 31-05-2016
180 Final Gradation List of Senior Technical Assistant 26-05-2016
181 Appoint and Posting order of VOs 21-03-2016
182 Draft Gradation List of Senior Technical Assistant 08-09-2015
183 Posting order of Joint Director,ARD 19-08-2015
184 Promotion order of Joint Director, ARD 14-08-2015
185 Transfer order of officer in the cadre WBAH&VS vide No.1462-AR&AH Dt.12.08.2015 14-08-2015
186 Final Gradation List of WBHAH&VS 24-07-2015
187 Final Gradation List of ASL 24-07-2015
188 Transfer Order of 21 Officer under WBAH&VS 16-07-2015
189 Promotion order of Addl. Director,ARD(health) 26-05-2015
190 Transfer Order of WBJrAH Service(AR Wing) 03-03-2015
191 Transfer Order of WBAH&VS(AR Wing) 03-03-2015
192 Partial Modification of Transfer Order No.1607-AR&AH dt 14.10.2014 of WBAH&VS Cadre 10-12-2014
193 Transfer Order of WBHAH&VS cadre 10-12-2014
194 Transfer Order of WBAH&VS cadre in continuation of Notification No.806 dt 26.05.2014 and 1607 dt.14.10.2014 a 10-12-2014
195 V.O. Transfer-2014 15-10-2014
196 Appointmenet order of Veterinary Officer vide No.932 dt.16.6.2014 17-06-2014
197 Appointment order of 15 Veterinary Officers in WBAH&VS 28-05-2014
198 Transfer order of Officer borne in WBAH&VS 28-05-2014
199 Appointment Order 53 Veterinary Officers vide G.O. No.140-AR&AH/3A-01/2012 dt 28.01.2014 29-01-2014
200 Transfer Order of ASL 2012 Vide No. - 2144-AR&AH Dated 02/11/2012 08-11-2012
201 Vo_Transfer 20-06-2012